Lumina Shanghai Successfully Held Lumina Run Event
— Limitless Possibilities of the Future
As a trendy lifestyle, night running slowly becomes a choice for urbanites to workout and destress. September 19th marked the first anniversary of the launching of the “Lumina” series by the Henderson Land Group. As one of the first projects, Lumina Shanghai installed a marvelous scenery at the Xuhui Riverside running lanes with its “Lumina Run” event. Many guests were invited to the scene to experience the Xuhui Riverside District in strides and vigorously step into the future, sharing the concept of “synergy of work and leisure”.
Lumina Run
The Journey Of Achievements

At nightfall, the glow of the city illuminated the riverside view. The “Lumina running corps” comprised of Lumina Shanghai representatives and multiple guests embarked on their energetic journey. The route of the night run reached 3km in total, and professional trainers helped the team to fully warm up beforehand. Many of the participants lined up to take part in the night run. They passed by landmarks like the TANK Shanghai, the West Bund Art Center, and the Yuz Museum, enjoying the riverside view. They grasped the texture of the city and the heartbeat of the Riverside District along the way. Afterward, the guests enjoyed the afterparty and had a pleasant exchange in a relaxed atmosphere.
Highlights of Lumina Shanghai’s “Lumina Run” event
Shortly in a year after the launch of the “Lumina” series, Lumina Shanghai saw its superstructure successfully topped out. With the opening of the showsuite, the mock up floor, the trade event and multiple landmark events, Lumina Shanghai demonstrated the concept of “synergy of work and leisure” by breaking the barrier between life and work, and achieved a new standard of work-life blend. This is aimed to bring efficiency to work, and happiness to life. Meanwhile, the “Lumina Run” was an example for the “synergy of work and leisure” – an opportunity to unravel the mind and energize the body, to find the freedom and joy in life through sweat, and to unearth creativity and new ideas for work.

“The ‘Lumina Run’ marks the first event during which Lumina Shanghai concretized the ‘synergy of work and leisure’. We hope to create more chances for communication, whether personal or interpersonal, by providing space and opportunities. Meanwhile, together along the way, we wish to feel the progress of Lumina Shanghai, the infinite potential and great business value created by the rapid development of the Xuhui Riverside District over the year.” commented Mr. Dennis Chan, Head of Leasing Portfolio (Shanghai) of Henderson (China) Investment Co. Ltd.

The Journey Towards Future

In retrospect on the first anniversary of the launching of “Lumina”, changes are taking place in and out of the industry. The market is evolving, with activity rising and intelligent technologies rapid development, and even higher requirements for segmented operation and themed experience in shopping malls are expected. Meanwhile, the new generation of individual needs is changing the ways of life, work, and entertainment. The pursuit of cultural values and internal satisfaction, and the importance of the balance between work and life make the next stage for innovation in business operation.

The concept lead and expanded by Lumina Shanghai marks the new trend in the business property industry. It also carries the market to further deepen the meaning of “synergy of work and leisure”. Lumina Shanghai precisely analyzes tenants and consumers. With the help of humanized software and hardware facilities, Lumina Shanghai unlocks a modernized office model and creates an unique experience for consumers through a combination of diversified functions and businesses.
Rendered image of Lumina Shanghai
This event not only marked an athletic fiesta - the “Lumina Run”, but also remarked the boundless future of the development for Lumina and the area. Sitting at the core of the West Bund, Lumina Shanghai will carry on the synergetic developmental concept, and dash into the next phase. In addition to providing high-quality software and hardware services, Lumina Shanghai will concentrate on enhancing the multi-dimensional experience at the venue. It will incorporate artistic, cultural, and creative activities into its community, and bolster the sense of immersion for tenants and consumers. Additionally, Lumina Shanghai will further merge into and assist the sector’s development, extract advantageous economic elements of culture and creativity, and march into the new urban ecology of “synergy of work and leisure”. Lumina Shanghai will erect a new landmark of life and culture on the bank of the Huangpu River, a world class hot bed of culture, art, and technology.